All services and solutions

Our services in brief are categorized as follows. For specific further details please contact our financial consultant.
MPCIT aims to enhance value addition, optimum performance & Total Quality Management by embracing technological advancements and modern business principals for all our clients who use our financial solutions, turnkey solutions and consultancy solutions.
We assure your business performance will satisfy your corporate objectives due to using our expertise.

  • Financial Consultancy

    To give our client companies a reliable turnkey solution that results in robust strategic financial system. Provide guidance on the right management tools and systems to drive optimum financial performance by focusing on requirements of all 3 levels instead of only end user.
    That is Data input level, data retrieval level and the end user requirements. Using our expertise we enable comprehensive advise on possible improvements to your current systems in terms of integrating it better with existing systems and incorporating new systems to deliver the right reports and information to the management and other stake holders. We consider the above as of prime importance in today’s business environment.

  • Audit Objective

    To incorporate best practise in audit procedures being set in place and control measures that mitigation and elimination risk will ensure effective control of overall business performance in all departments. Our auditing consultancy service unit ensures your business is up-to-date with modern business practises.

  • Consultancy Services

    MPCIT Ltd has expanded in 2011 to provide consultancy services in

    • 1) SQAS & ISO consultancy Services ( refer to home page)
    • 2) Project management & business development services
    • 3) Business model analysis including value for money analysis (Value chain)
    • 4) Strategic analysis,
    • 5) Risk assessment
    • 6) Total quality management (TQM)
    Our other consultancy services like TQM (Total quality management) enables your services to be viewed to be of par excellence by the customer whilst utilising minimum resources, saving damage to reputation and cost savings associated with poor qualitative infrastructure and control mechanisms.

  • Value chain analysis

    MPCIT provides industry-focused services for private sector clients in order to build enhance value through the application of what we call value for money principles in management accounting.
    This is done by a critical review of all products and services offered in your business value chain activities.
    Contact us for further explanation on the cost benefits and margin enhancements gain by this exercise.
    The above consultancy services combined with a turnkey systems solution results in a robust and successful business enterprise.

  • Audit and assurance

    · Corporate reporting improvement
    · Financial accounting services
    · Financial statement audit
    · Sustainability reporting
    · IFRS reporting
    · Independent controls & systems process assurance
    · Internal audit
    · Regulatory compliance and reporting

  • Consulting

    · Stratergy
    · Finance
    · TQM
    · Technology
    · Governance, Risk & compliance
    · Operations
    · Costing, Activity Based Costing
    · Business Model Analysis
    · Change Management
    · Outsourcing
    · Business Model Analysis
    · Performance Measurement
    · Project Management
    From inception ie Investment appraisal to post completion audit. We provide hands on seconded project staff or purely consultancy services for projects.