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improve profits Save cost obtain the best out of your staff
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  • Welcome to MPCIT

    Use technology and consultation to improve profits, Save cost and obtain the best out of your staff. Top companies use us. We are reasonably priced and provide a complete solutions. Why pay to ten companies to develop your business when you can have a complete solution which solves all your business requirements using British and USA Technology and consultation techniques. Modern Protection for Communication and Information Technology (MPCIT) provides a complete solution to all your business requirements Readmore >

  • Why choose MPCIT consultation?

    We are registered in UK and provide certification from reputed certification bodies including UK. Our consultants provide international, UK and USA based systems and techniques, Training and support for all departments of your business (a complete solution) for one reasonable payment and are superior to other consultant due to using international level strategies, techniques and development methods to boost your company performance for one complete solution for one payment.
    Your company can contact us through our hotline +966541433898 or email and we will take care of all your company needs from placements, recruitment Etc Readmore >

  • Financial Consultancy

    Deep analysis of business profits by client, by product and by activity based costing techniques and management accounting techniques from UK, USA. Readmore >

  • Business Consultancy

    Each business needs to ensure they manage the factors affecting business effectively and use their resources effectively to minor adjustment and in some Readmore >

  • Management Consultancy

    The Management of your company has to be focused on many factors to drive the business forward, limit the threats in the market, overcome competitions, Readmore >

  • IT Consultancy

    We provide complete IT consultancy services with Business ERP ( Enterprise Resource planning) this means fully connected solutions system customised to your Readmore >

  • Manufacturing, Trading and Service Sector business Consultancy

    We specialise in many Manufacturing, Trading and Service Sector such as the following Readmore >

  • Safety, Security, Health & Environmental Training Consultancy

    Specific to many industries such as construction sector, transport Companies, Logistic companies, Readmore >

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