Who we are ?

MPCIT is a turn key solution provider who analyses the business model of a company holistically, that is strategic direction of the firm in terms of its systems, processes, workflow, resources, financial perspectives, internal systems and structure perspective, risk and control perspective and business development perspective.
Our solutions focus on continuous enhancement via business developments and projects.

For those of you who do not comprehend the above we are all about increasing profits and reducing cost by making all business activities add value for money in every business activity done via internal systems and processes that drive an organization to continuous improvement and enhanced profitability whilst using minimum resources.

Our primary focus in using IT and systems that result in producing the desired outcome for every organization. We are experts in assessing a business by breaking down its critical success factors and user requirements to drive the success factors via efficient use of technological advancements on all of the above mentioned areas of business model analysis.

Why does your company need us?

Expertise in changing a failing or under performing business into a successful on is our hall mark.This is due to the vast pool of experience out staff and systems experts can bring to you as a total solution rather than depend on your employees who have to be paid monthly and other turnkey solution providers who don't cover all facets of business.

We do everything cost effectively whilst providing 100% client satisfaction.
Please get an appointment with one of our solution provision staff who will provide a brief description of how we work to turn your business performance to attain its maximum potential.

Does your financial system give your poor decision making information?
Do you have problems with poor costing of products and services?
Do you have trouble with budget control?
Do you face dilemma's in mitigating financial and none financial risk or streamlining processes?
Does your business provide value for money for clients and retain valuable resources?

Are your companies systems not providing the desired information?
Do they need upgrading? changing, integration etc.. or your simply unsure what is wrong but needs things put right.
All you need to do is to contact us.We provide comprehensive solutions.